Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two weeks and still holding strong

     We have been in school for two weeks. I have not kept up with my blogging as well as I wanted too. My daughter and granddaughter (18 mos) was visiting before their 3 year trek to Japan. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with them. We had a wonderful time together and Aly loved the fact that she got to tuck her YaYa in bed every night. Guess she loved the fact that she was not the first to be put to bed.
     Also my classroom is still in the process of being arranged due to a problem with moving my interactive white board from my old 4th grade class to kindergarten. The kinders were so excited yesterday with they brought the board in. We won't mention that I did a dance and looked like a little kid in a candy store. I was also made team leader which is very new for me since I have not been in kindergarten for a couple years and have never been a team leader before. My kinder team is an AWESOME bunch and I love working with them. One of the newbees who moved to kindergarten this year was having problems with control last week. I told her about WBT and she has already seen a difference in her class this week.
     My students are doing GREAT with the 5 rules. They can actually tell you which rule they broke when they do something wrong. We are still working on perfecting the classity class....they seem to be so engrossed in their learning that they do not respond as well as I was hoping for at this time. I guess it will come with practice.... I am also in the process of matching the common board configuration with the power pics. I was thinking that it would be better for the little ones if everything matched.
     I did get before school started pictures and was hoping to upload them before now but those plans did not come to pass. I will work on trying to get them up this weekend along with some pictures up to this point....

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