Saturday, December 17, 2011

I was a little disheartened...BUT .....

Come to find out that our district will not allow us to blog about our class, use pictures or videos in any form on a blog...Well, I gave up and decided that I would wing it on my own. However we learn from each other, so I thought that maybe if I did not use any names, pictures or videos maybe I will not get into trouble. I really need all of you to make me the best I can be. 

I was feeling very isolated until a couple weeks ago one of the 3rd grade teachers came to me to talk about something. We talked and I introduced him to whole brain teaching and lent him my huge binder with the WBT books in it....He has been using it with his class and loves it....He now has introduced it to his team and they are wanting more information...THANKS to a wonderful teacher from another grade level I am also becoming excited. I am getting to see the excitement spread and the children from other grades learning....

Also the wonderful ESE teacher I worked with last year in 4th grade was talking with me. She said that our ESE kids are not as excited about reading as they were last year. This makes me so sad...they are a wonderful group of students who need the actions, movement and excitement to learn. I cannot stand to think of them in a traditional situation; sitting and being lectured too....I wish I could be with them. The ESE teacher does what she can but since we are inclusion she is in another teacher's classroom and unless that teacher makes her and them part of the class it is like an outsider looking in....

Here's whats been happening this year in a nutshell....
My class consists of 16 students who retained in kindergarten for various reasons and one first year kindergartener. The students are extremely kinesthetic and should I say talkative/energetic. I come home extremely exhausted...
We use whole brain teaching and the students are loving it. When we do knee to knee however we are still having both talking. I can't seem to get them to understand one talks the other listens and vise versa....ANY SUGGESTIONS????

Now that I have come to mid year almost...I have very distinct levels in my groups...they range from some who are still below pre-k level and still can't write their names (fine motor skills) to my high group that have this past week started 1st grade work or kindergarten knocked up a notch....

WHOLE GROUP is a hard time because of the distinct levels in my room.  I need some ideas....I am trying to figure a way to cover the kindergarten CCS while kicking it up a knotch in order to keep the others engaged....this is for both reading and math...

I am doing a lot of center time with flex groups being pulled....this is helping keeping everyone on the level that they need....Now my next problem....ANY ideas for including WBT in the small group setting while making sure you do not stop ALL the other center activities because they love WBT so much....

Excitedly awaiting all of your input and ideas....kel


  1. Kelli,

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  2. Hi! Wanted to let you know that I'm giving you The Lovely Blog Award. Would love for you to stop by and check it out!

  3. It is challenging to work with small groups and keep others working independently, but it can work. I teach grades 3 and 4 learning support. When I work with a small group, we use more of a whisper or quiet voice with whisper oh yeah's and mighty groans. I also keep a portable scoreboard ( usually a post it note) and keep track as we go. I also award smiley's and frownies to my groups working independently to try to keep them on task. Sometimes, I have instructional aids with small groups and they will use portables as well. At the end of class we combine all of the post its and put the points on the actual scoreboard. It is explained to the students that even though we are working in small groups, we are still a team and must help each other. I hope this helps.